Timber for construction includes C16 and C24 Grade timber and Firrings for drainage slopes on the roof.

C16 and C24 Timber are sawn softwood timber products.
Due to the large size of our London Yard we are able to stock a large amount of all sizes.

This timber (also known as carcassing timber) is treated or untreated.

Firrings are also a sawn softwood timber and are stocked in the yard as well as cut to lengths that you need.

Timber Source

We have long established and strong relationships with our suppliers so we can offer you the best quality and price.
We source timber from around the world including Canada, USA, Russia, Scandinavia and Scotland.

C16 Graded Sawn Timber




Softwood P.S.E

If You need further information about Your Timber requirements please Call, Email or visit us. Thank You.