Graded Timber

Timber Merchants stock and sell different types of Timber and different Graded timber.

The construction industry has minimum requirements for graded timber which are suitable for their end use. There are 2 main types of timber used in construction, kiln dried and unseasoned timber.

Graded Softwood Timber C

There is a range of C Graded Timber from 14 to 50 however, C16 and C24 are the most commonly found. But what does this mean? What are they? What should they be used for?

Timber used for load bearing construction is required to be graded to strength and this can be done in two ways. Visual Grading or machine operation.

Graded timber is usually kiln dried where the moisture content is reduced to the required levels. Also it will have a minimum cross sectional area of 2000mm2 and a minimum thickness of 20mm

Visual grading must be carried out by a registered qualified grader. They will look at the timbers characteristics, the knots, fissures and slope of the grain against what is allowed for each timber species to determine its strength class. Different Timber Species have different strength limits.

There are a few different grading machines which either scan, use ultrasound or physically bend the timber.

Timber Types

British carcassing (timber used in structural sections of a building, such as rafters for the roof and floor joists) is usually referred to as Home Grown usually has a strength grade of C16. This is due to the warmer climate which causes a faster growth rate.

Imported carcassing from places such as Canada or Russia is widely available to C24 due to the colder climates and therefore a slower rate of growth.

Can I cut Graded Timber

If the timber is cross cut (reducing the length) this will have no impact on the timber and it will not need to be re graded.

About Softwood

It is one of the most environmentally friendly building products available to the construction industry. Also it has a low carbon footprint (Requires less energy to produce) removes the CO2 while growing and can be used for recycling.

T Chambers London Timber Merchant

We offer a large stock of graded timber C16 and C24 at Our timber Yards in London. We deliver timber across London and can offer multiple drops for large construction projects.

We have a very good reputation with our London timber Suppliers and loyal customers of many years.