Firrings – Sawn Softwood Timber

Firrings are tapered and fixed above wood roof joists to provide a drainage slope below the roof boardings.
We cut the firrings at the Yard in pairs up to 4.2M.
Morning orders cut the same day, larger orders will be next day.

Lengths of 4.8M and above are cut as single folding pieces.

Their is an extra cost for treated firrings.

Nominal Metric
Nominal Imperial
Finished Metric
50mm to 0mm2" to 0"40mm to 0mmEx Treated
75mm to 0mm2" to 0"65mm to 0mmEx Treated
100mm to 0mm2" to 0"90mm to 0mmEx Treated
125mm to 0mm2" to 0"115mm to 0mmEx Treated
150mm to 0mm2" to 0"140mm to 0mmEx Treated
200mm to 0mm2" to 0"190mm to 0mmEx Treated
225mm to 0mm2" to 0"215mm to 0mmEx Treated