C24 Graded – Sawn Softwood Timber

Timber used for structural purposes must be strength graded and marked C16 and C24.

Nominal Metric
Pressure Treated
Nominal Imperial
Finished Metric
47mm x 100mmUp To 6.0M2" x 4" 45mm x 95mm
47mm x 125mmUp To 6.0M2" x 5" 45mm x 120mm
47mm x 150mmUp To 6.0M2" x 6" 45mm x 145mm
47mm x 175mmUp To 6.0M2" x 7" 45mm x 170mm
47mm x 200mmUp To 6.0M2" x 8" 45mm x 195mm
47mm x 225mmUp To 6.0M2" x 9" 45mm x 220mm
47mm x 250mmUp To 6.0M2" x 10" 45mm x 245mm
47mm x 300mmUp To 6.0M2" x12" 45mm x 295mm
75mm x 100mmUp To 6.0M3" x 4" 72mm x 95mm
75mm x 150mmUp To 6.0M3" x 6" 72mm x 145mm
75mm x 175mmUp To 6.0M3" x 7" 72mm x 170mm
75mm x 200mmUp To 6.0M3" x 8" 72mm x 195mm
75mm x 225mmUp To 6.0M3" x 9" 72mm x 220mm
75mm x 250mm3" x 10" To Order
75mm x 300mm3" x 12" To Order
100mm x 100mmTreated Brown4" x 4" To Order 2.4M/3.0M/4.8M
100mm x 150mm4" x 6" To Order
100mm x 200mm4" x 8" To Order
100mm x 225mm4" x 9" To Order
100mm x 300mm4" x 12" To Order
150mm x 150mmAvailable 3.6M6" x 6" Other Lengths To Order